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When Aquos Yachts burst onto the scene with the launch of Big Fish, the super yacht industry was rocked from its moorings. Here was a boat that could cruise the world’s most glamorous destinations and hold its own alongside the most desirable yachts in the marina. But more than that, Big Fish was a boat packed with innovations and cutting edge technology equipping it to pursue a more adventurous course, to take a new breed of thrill-seeker to any destination on earth, all in total luxury.

Fast forward 24 months and the unique Aquos vision of luxury expedition yachting has been enthusiastically endorsed by a virtual clean-sweep of the super-yacht world’s major awards, and a string of successful charters stretching from sun-kissed waters of the Caribbean and the south Pacific, to white-knuckle, once in a lifetime adventures in both the Arctic and Antarctic seas.

And Big Fish is just the beginning. Launching in 2013 is Star Fish, a 50 meter superyacht that further develops the Aquos ethos of unparalleled performance, contemporary design, unrivalled luxury, and the power to get closer to the action.

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